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In answer to this question, apparently eager or apathetic omnivorous humans will.  Why?  Because they can.  Plus, it seems to excite a lot of people to consume what’s considered rare or scarce and that makes it profitable for business.

Three days ago, the associated press sent out of a story of a restaurant owner Cameron Selogie in Mesa, AZ who decided to serve lion burgers as a promotional gag given the historical African World Cup taking place right now.  People were so excited to eat these lion burgers.  Reservations sold out and the waiting list contained over 100 people.  Needless to say, he accomplished his objective.

The amusing part is that the restaurant owner had to mix cow’s flesh (in the form of ground beef) with the lion’s flesh in order to produce a solid patty.  The lion flesh would not hold on its own, on account of it being too lean.  You know, there’s a reason why the majority of animals eaten in the trophic scale of things are herbivores.

This is just another story to add to the mess pile of how civilized humans are losing their way and bringing other living beings with them.