Writing the world as if animals matter, as if living beings matter.  Whether it’s social movements or social institutions, I look to animal perspectives. I look to Nature.  This blog is a creative, intellectual attempt to imagine alternative realities where healthy interspecies relations are a continual, dynamic reality and self-determination, self-reliance, and dignity–all to which we as living beings have a natural right–are a shared experience.

I’m a thoughtful octopus–that’s what my husband calls me.  And so becomes this blog when I write, thoughtful narrative, digging deep into new unexplored terrain where I may find insight from the lives of animals—compliant domestics, rebellious ferals, unconquered ever struggling wildness.

I am also a fan of making music, learning all I can about cephalopods, foraging for edible wild plants, watching and listening to wildlife, speaking Spanish, and playing RPGs.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. worldkid said:

    Too bad you are quitting SEJ. It is not an easy road being a journalist, especially with your voice for the animals. But as Bob Marley once said, “Get up. Stand up. Stand up for your rights, and the rights of those animals that you dearly love. Game on even though it will be a rough road.

    • Anastasia said:

      I don’t want to quit SEJ, but I’m not doing much with the membership either. It’s hard to sell meaningful material. I’ve written for online publications, and it sucks selling them what they actually want. I don’t know how to play the system effectively to give them what they want but make it meaningful for animals. Wendee Holtcamp says that she started in the business with a desire to write about animals, but few paid opportunities exist for that. How do you make it as a journalist?

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