Many thinkers, artists, activists, projects, and organizations seek to help human and nonhuman animal groups selectively.  The purpose of this living document is to compile all those who work for holistic liberation, who work at the intersections of animal-human, who work to practice ecological harmony, who work to heal all relations and help living beings liberate themselves without the freedom of one being at the expense of another.


Adam Weitzenfeld

Daniel Lim

Gay Bradshaw

Adrienne Maree Brown



Food Empowerment Project

Decolonial Food for Thought

A Well Fed World

International Fund for Africa

Land Empowerment Animals People

Global Justice Ecology Project

Holistic Life Foundation

Healing Species

The Kerulos Center

Humane Research Council

Institute for Critical Animal Studies

Animal Language Institute


The Nature Sounds Society

We Animals

Terra Summer

The Gentle Barn

Veganism is the Next Evolution (VINE) Sanctuary

Animal Place

Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

Project Coyote

WildEarth Guardians

Dancing Star Foundation

Inner Activism Services

The Ruckus Society

Earth First!

School of Unity and Liberation

1 thought on “Resources”

  1. You have a lovely and humane ethos. As a person who does what she can indivudually to alleviate suffering in the world, I wish you success in your endeavor.

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