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Matthew Brown/AP Photo

Remember the story of the Grizzly Mother who was executed for assaulting three campers in Yellowstone National Park?  Remember also in that story her cubs were sent to “a zoo as soon as possible”?  News update: the young bears are now in the Montana Zoo and are reported to be “making their debut.”

An L.A. Times local column reports that the cubs “will never escape their savage backstory, but three young bears whose mother led them on a rampage through a Montana campground embarked on a new career Friday: fuzzy zoo attractions.”  Thank you, Montana Zoo, for subduing the savage beasts within the young bears (or rather the savage beasts that they are) and guaranteeing us that they will never have conflict with people again because they’re never getting out of there alive, or so ZooMontana senior keeper Krystal Whethem says.

Even as I type this short commentary, the bears are apparently relaxing more and more to human presence.  But are they?  Can I trust this article, seeing as there’s no hint of the bears’ perspectives beyond the zoo executives?  I don’t want to assume the worse in imagining their lives as “any other confined wild creature,” but the article reassures me that I should.  As a person who hungers for animal news stories from animals’ true perspectives, filtered through sincere professionals and writers who aren’t politically or economically compromised, can you blame me for being skeptical and even upset about the current and future lives of these bears?